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> If you want to log out or do something other than the skill you're
> focusing on while the GGS timer is ticking, that's fine.

> Here's a possible scenario:

>   You log into the game, then attempt, succeed, and gain at a
>   certain skill. You attempt it again, succeed, but fail to gain
>   in that skill.  The GGS timer now knows when your last
>   skill-gain was.

>   Having done some light research regarding GGS and your current
>   skill level, you estimate that if all attempts in that
>   particular skill within the next hour are successes but the gain
>   checks fail, then GGS should kick in and grant you a minimal
>   gain.

>   You have two options here. You can either go do something else
>   (either in or out of the game--but you'll need to keep in mind
>   that if you do nothing at all in-game for more than 5 minutes
>   you'll be automatically logged out), or you can continue trying
>   to improve your skill.

>   If you do nothing else for an hour that one failed skill-gain
>   check is still under your belt, and so technically "all" your
>   skill gain checks for the required period were failures. The
>   very next time you succeed in that skill after the GGS
>   period--later that day, the next week, or whenever--it's
>   mandated that your skill will go up by a minimal value.  Skill
>   gain will be slow, but will exist.

>   If you decide to continue working the skill during that hour,
>   it's likely that you'll probably go up faster in your skill than
>   if you relied on GGS gains. One caveat you'll need to keep in
>   mind is that the tasks you're performing must be challenging for
>   any skill gain possibilities--if the task is far too easy or two
>   hard when compared to your current skill level then even GGS
>   will ignore you.

Interesting. It's the flip side of putting stops on 'powergaming'.
Ensuring advancement at a minimum rate is a Good Thing.

Thanks for explaining it.


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