[MUD-Dev] Moral / legal responsibility of games

GARY P WILLIAMS williamg at otc.edu
Sun Jan 26 22:12:35 New Zealand Daylight Time 2003

From: Raph Koster

> Media do have an influence, but it seems to be largely because we
> are lemmings.

*smirk* Sad, but true.. In a sense.
> ObOnTopic: publicize only those things which you want your
> playerbase to imitate.

This is precisely the argument that lies in the center of the
"violent games beget violent behavior" controversy, is it not? The
way I see it, the jury is still out on the future of PvP
combat. From preachers and politicians to the corporations and the
players themselves, there a lot of hands involved. I don't see a
solution on the horizon yet, much less an easy one.
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