[MUD-Dev] online games as economies, question from German journalist

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Mon Jan 27 00:44:51 New Zealand Daylight Time 2003

Hi there,

I admit it: for quite some time I have been lurking on this list. I
really enjoy the participating and at the same time analysing point
of view on games in many postings.

I am a German journalist, writing on games for newspapers and
magazines in Germany and Switzerland. Right now I am investigating
an in-depth look on massive multiplayer online games as economies
for a German magazine. In fact I just started and kindly ask you for
some help. What essays, articles in scientific journals, books,
sites etc. - any material - would you suggest as necessary or
inspiring reading?

And even more important: I am looking for designers willing to tell
me how they craft economies. With that I mean: How important are
items? How can an influation of items be controlled? How do you
craft incentives for communication, cooperation, interaction (like
trade) between players? What means property to players - and how
does it affect a game (like in Ulima Online...)? That's roughly what
I am interested in. I am glad about everyone willing to talk with
me.  And perhaps you know people, who have not subscribed to MUD-Dev
but would be interested in talking with me and interesting to talk
to? Perhaps there are even economist interested in this line of
thought to be

Thank you,
Konrad Lischka
email: kl at konrad-lischka.de
pgp: http://www.konradlischka.de/lischkapgp.asc
www: http://www.konrad-lischka.de

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