[MUD-Dev] NWN gets more MUD-like (again)

Valerio Santinelli tanis at mediacom.it
Mon Jan 27 23:36:59 New Zealand Daylight Time 2003

Freeman, Jeff wrote:

>   I found this announcement today. For those of you who don't
>   know, Neverwinter Nights can't access any kind of database. It
>   has no built-in input function for reading in data, and only one
>   very limited output (dumping text to a log file). This is very,
>   very bad for people trying to produce Persistent Worlds.  But
>   the guys listed below my stuff claim to have solved that
>   problem, and say they have real-time db access working.

I've tried to get directly in touch with the developer of their
technology but without success. It seems that their forum is the
only way to get news about it.

Well.. as far as my research has gone, this system seems to be a
wrapper around the NWN server that is constantly polling memory
locations and dumping data in SQL format to an ODBC database.  The
idea is nice and if it works.. well.. it's gonna be a big step
forward since Bioware itself is not going to provide SQL support at
all.. just their own database that is not yet clear how it will be.
What I feel missing is Linux support since the Avlis team extender
only works under Windows.


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