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> It negates player skill at leveling, but trumpets player skill at
> playing.  As all of the first adopters are at the same level of
> power, a fight or competition between them is a test of skill and
> cunning, not a higher level ownz lower level scenario.  And let's
> face it - 'leveling skill' consists merely of the mundane skills
> of knowing where to hunt when and knowing how to abuse poor AI.

I am not sure.

Let's face it, in a combat-oriented mud, 'level' is a kind of
indicator, helping us to know the stranger standing before me a
newbie or not. Yes, there are few eBayer existed, but they are
few. 'Leveling skill' is a kind of indiator, too. It is not
everything, but better than nothing.

In a combat-oriented mud, how could I judge this stranger is better
than that one? This one is LV65 cleric, that one LV58 druid. Yes, LV
and Class. Could I know how much 'player skills' the stranger asking
to join my group has? No, I have not find the method yet.

Remember the old days in EQ, would I let a first-time-meeting
character into my group? Yes, sure, of course, no problem. Would I
invite an anonymous, unknow level character into my plane-raid
group? No way.

Imagine the FPS game + EQ high LV raid, we would know the answer.

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