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Freeman Freeman
Thu Jan 30 20:47:10 New Zealand Daylight Time 2003

From: Wes Connell

> Quick question... did you have a mechanism for informing the
> player that they were still looking for ore? Did a meter tick by? 
> Did you show the player periodic messages? Did you just cause a
> wait state similar to standard Diku MUDs?

Well, it was a graphical game, so they could see and hear that they
were still mining.

With hiding, I spammed them with messages each time I checked their
hiding skill, but rather than showing them the message "You failed
to hide", I showed them "You continue looking for a place to hide"
(or something like that, probably not even that verbose), and setup
a callback to try the skill again in a few.

If they moved during that time, then I told them "You stop looking
for a place to hide" and kicked out of the loop.

Come to think of it, even when they were mining, they got quite a
bit of spam as they mined: *crack* You find something.  *crack* You
keep mining *crack* you find something - and so on.

> I'm also curious to know if you had a problem with people thinking
> they were lagging instead of still looking for ore. I know Diku
> has that problem with the longer wait stated commands.

Not with the periodic feedback they were getting.

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