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Sasha Hart hart.s at attbi.com
Thu Jan 30 22:34:49 New Zealand Daylight Time 2003

[Wes Connell]

> I'm also curious to know if you had a problem with people thinking
> they were lagging instead of still looking for ore. I know Diku
> has that problem with the longer wait stated commands.

This is a problem which comes up with virtually ANY interface. The
general solution is to give distinct signals for 'heard but ignored'
and the (usually silent) 'not heard'. The problem is not so bad in
the world because mechanical devices just naturally tend to give all
kinds of visual, tactile, aural feedback. But that's all there is to
it, really.

> The idea provides a nice solution to command spam and would (over
> time) cut down on bandwidth usage.

I thought input from players on text games took up a fairly
negligible amount of bandwidth. Well, maybe that is just in
comparison to newer stuff?


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