[MUD-Dev] Moral / legal responsibility of games

Koster Koster
Sat Feb 1 10:14:15 New Zealand Daylight Time 2003


>> ObOnTopic: publicize only those things which you want your
>> playerbase to imitate.
> This is precisely the argument that lies in the center of the
> "violent games beget violent behavior" controversy, is it not? The
> way I see it, the jury is still out on the future of PvP
> combat. From preachers and politicians to the corporations and the
> players themselves, there a lot of hands involved. I don't see a
> solution on the horizon yet, much less an easy one.

No, you're assuming a context switch there, and the idea that the
behavior crosses contexts is probably the most dubious proposition
put forth by the crowd arguing against media violence. Most studies
seem to show that humans are rather good at seeing the difference
between make believe and reality.

My statement referred to in-game behaviors being imitated in-game.


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