[MUD-Dev] Working with Franchises (was Star Wars Galaxies: 1 char per server)

Ted L. Chen tedlchen at yahoo.com
Mon Feb 3 16:51:04 New Zealand Daylight Time 2003

Dave Rickey wrote:

> As near as I can tell, we don't.  I don't know what happened to EQ
> when we launched, but I've been told that EQ barely caused a
> ripple for UO, and I've seen first hand that AC2 and TSO didn't
> even touch us.  I think I could calculate to within a hundred the
> number of accounts lost to those two, and it's not a big enough
> number to make me worry (actually, I have calculatesd it, I'm just
> not sure how much confidence to put in it).  If SWG comes out and
> has a similarly low impact, then I'll be pretty well convinced
> that competition from other games is actually the *least* of our
> problems.

Accounts lost might not be the best measure of impact: after all,
I'd wager that most people lock themselves into 6 month or 1 year
contracts after an initial tryout period.  Hence those accounts lost
because of competition drop off the scope over a 1 year period,
hiding the effect.

A better, more reflective measure might be account activity.  That
is, how many accounts have seen a drastic decline in playtime since
XX game came out?  This is of course assuming that players will tend
to dedicate their online time towards one game.


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