[MUD-Dev] Announcing Game Programming Gems 4

Andrew Kirmse akirmse at pacbell.net
Mon Feb 3 20:04:28 New Zealand Daylight Time 2003

Thought some list readers might be interested in submitting---this
volume is going to have a networking section; distributed algorithms
are welcome in other sections as well.

Proposals for the fourth volume in the Game Programming Gems series
are now being accepted at


As with previous volumes, this book will gather and share the latest
knowledge in game development.  Sections in GPG4 will include
General Programming, Mathematics, Graphics, Artificial Intelligence,
Networking/Multiplayer, Audio, and a new section on Physics.  Join
us in advancing the state of the art!

Experienced game programmers are encouraged to submit proposals by
April 1.  Final articles will be due on July 30.  Series editor Mark
DeLoura, book editor Andrew Kirmse, and section editors will help
select and prepare articles for publication.  The book will be
available in time for the Game Developers' Conference in 2004, with
authors receiving a royalty based on sales.

Submission guidelines are available on the Web site.  Please feel
free to forward this announcement.

---Andrew Kirmse
   akirmse at pacbell.net

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