[MUD-Dev] NWN gets more MUD-like (again)

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On Thu, 30 Jan 2003 19:31:10 -0800
"Valerio Santinelli" <tanis at mediacom.it> wrote:

> I've tried to get directly in touch with the developer of their
> technology but without success. It seems that their forum is the
> only way to get news about it.

You can find contact info at avlis.blackdagger.com also, you can ask
any questions you need on the forums.  Sounds like your gunshy about
posting in our forums, well you could simply send email via the
contacts page.

> Well.. as far as my research has gone, this system seems to be a
> wrapper around the NWN server that is constantly polling memory
> locations and dumping data in SQL format to an ODBC database.  The
> idea is nice and if it works.. well.. it's gonna be a big step
> forward since Bioware itself is not going to provide SQL support
> at all.. just their own database that is not yet clear how it will
> be.  What I feel missing is Linux support since the Avlis team
> extender only works under Windows.

The "wrapper" doesn't actually poll the memory space to get the
data, my understanding is that there is a system callback.  You're
best bet is to ask Ingmar (developer) about those details.


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