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> On Sat, 18 Jan 2003, Sasha Hart wrote:
>> I would LOVE to see a treatment, any treatment, even an opinion
>> survey, of burnout as a function of playstyle. If powergamers
>> selectively burn out, and the people who mostly chat or roleplay
>> or craft or wander around don't, that would be a pretty good
>> suggestion about what's working better than what.

> Exit poll, maybe?  Take some popular game, determine which
> accounts were cancelled in the last month or two, contact 'em, and
> give them a little survey asking them why they cancelled, if they
> switched to other games, what about these games interested them,
> etc.  Also determine in the survey what the typical play habits of
> these people were.
> I'd be surprised if some MMOG publishers out there hadn't already
> conducted exit polls with an eye toward increasing retention.

Sadly, the only exit poll I've been given upon quitting an online
game was by the old GEnie service after a year of playing
CyberStrike.  My reason? At the time I just couldn't afford the
hourly rate. The funny thing is that "excessive pricing" wasn't even
a selectable option. =P

I, too, am surprised that marketing departments aren't clamoring for
this kind of consumer data.


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