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>> Unfortunately, I feel that capping advancement will discourage
>> some of your game's most dedicated players. Frankly, I have no
>> problem with rapid advancement by those who invest their time
>> in-game. The idea of restricting Power Hours to casual gamers can
>> give them a sense of "getting ahead" and thus perhaps retain them
>> as customers.
> Potentially yes, although it may give them a chance to kick back
> and have some fun for a change. I suppose I don't necessarily want
> to play with people who are solely focussed on leveling at the
> expense of all other in game activities. Frankly I have a tendancy
> towards this behaviour myself, and I'd like a mechanism to
> discourage it :)

I can sympathize, believe me. I have a somewhat obsessive tendency
to explore an in-game environment for interesting locales or clever
design touches. In Deus Ex, for example, I spent more time poking
around than saving the world. =P Some designer-imposed time
restrictions would have been greatly appreciated.

Unfortunately, though you may think you're doing the powergamers a
favor, they will probably chafe at the restriction. <insert forced
equine hydration cliché here>

>> With the above approach, uber-powergamers get their rapid
>> progress, casual powergamers get their "pick-me-up", and everyone
>> else is unaffected.

> How about, soft capping rather than hard capping then. We could
> allow the player to make one level a week at where each xp gain is
> multiplied by 2 (i.e. The level takes half as much effort). For xp
> earnt during any level after that no multiplier at all. Of course
> these figures are arbitrary but they describe the mechanism, and
> in effect its very similar to power hour in that there is no upper
> cap. It does however stop you having this very unpleasant hour
> each day where you powergame like mad and get annoyed with
> anything that prevents you doing so.

Sounds reasonable. To deal with the last issue you mentioned, one
could permit the player to initiate his own power hours. This would
allow him to find a productive hunting ground, locate a group, and
grab XP like there's no tomorrow. ;)


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