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On Fri, Jan 31, 2003 at 04:50:53AM +0000, Matt Mihaly wrote:

> We (Achaea) also do free, but commercial games. We're not as large
> as you are, of course, but if we actually counted like you do, we
> could brag that we have at least 50,000 players, or 10% the size
> of Everquest approximately. That is, of course, a complete load of
> crap. We peak at about 400 simultaneous players online
> currently. Everquest peaks at what, 70,000 or so?
> Counting registered players is a silly way of claiming to be a
> certain size, and is blatantly misleading.

Since we're talking about that... I've always felt that approach to
counting players (counting all players on many servers but using
language as if all the servers were one game) is somewhat misleading
as well, if not necessarily to the same degree.  I may be
misunderstanding what I've read/heard, but those 70,000 players are
not all on the same server, correct?  In other words, I do not have
an equal chance of meeting any one of the other 69,999 players,

Not that it's a major criticism.  It may just be yet another classic
case of "how" terminology vs. "what" terminology (often the major
point of departure between technical people and non-technical

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