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Daniel.Harman at barclayscapital.com wrote:
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>> To encourage streaks of critical successes, you could take the
>> original bell-distributed random value, multiply it by a factor >
>> 1 and then clip the result to your target range. This moves the
>> bulge of the number distribution towards the high end of the
>> value range, making critical successes more and critical failures
>> even less likely.
>> ...hmm, in a game with gods and belief systems, this would be a
>> nice way to reward truly pious players.

> Well it would be except that if its significant enough to be a
> worthwhile reward, it would probably be gamed by all powergamers.

Yep, that is always something to keep in mind.

> How does one measure peity? Perhaps they payment of a tithe and
> never killing certain creatures considered in alignment with the
> god.

Showing up at certain holy events, sneezing widdershins every
morning, fulfulling special tasks for the order...

> Seems to me that this might be dangerous ground to tread on
> though, players may well feel they have to obey those rules, but
> probably resent them every moment they do.

Nobody would have to do that, instead it would be a reward for those
who go through the extra effort of pleasing their deity.

And for example a priest in good standing with his deity could
channel his luck bonus (for the lack of a better name) onto the
other members of his party.

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