[MUD-Dev] Cultural impact on Muds (was: Star Wars Galaxies)

shren shren at io.com
Wed Feb 5 00:41:52 New Zealand Daylight Time 2003

On Tue, 4 Feb 2003, P S wrote:

> The second, is that, Lineage, while being a huge success in Korea,
> is a huge failure in America.  If other cultures are so much more
> sensitive to ours, and tailor their big products to us sooo much
> better, why would NCSoft have failed to inspire a following in
> this country?  Korea still plays numerous American titles, the
> cult following of say, Star Craft, being a good example.

I've played Lineage for a small time (10 hours?  20?).  I can very
much see why the American audience didn't pick up on it, but I can't
describe all of my reasons why.

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