[MUD-Dev] NWN gets more MUD-like (again)

Sean Kelly sean at ffwd.cx
Wed Feb 5 08:34:01 New Zealand Daylight Time 2003

shren wrote:
> On Fri, 31 Jan 2003, Sean Kelly wrote:

>> I think the schema will tend to be customized to the game server.
> Your first sentence makes my spine feel like a pack of gremlins
> and a coterie of lightning eppenlings are playing rugby on it.
> I've had many jobs that involve me working with an existing
> database structure, and you know what?  They've all been bad.
> Every single one - horrible.  Some of them beyond repair.

Good point.  I've had to rework bad DB designs and it was not
pleasant. And based on the script in the add-ons available for NWN,
you're right in saying that the vast majority of NWN users don't
have much real technical skill.  I can only think of two: the
Memetic AI and HCM that I would use as-is.

> I understand that you see a lot of potential.  Hell, I see a lot
> of potential.  But this goes against NWN's core successes.  With
> NWN, almost anyone can build modules or even semi-persistant
> worlds.  Set this pack writing SQL table structures and they will
> produce some true horrors.

True.  And this is why BioWare has said that their DB system (due
out in Jone) will be a proprietary scheme built in to the engine.
For all but multi-server persistent worlds, this will likely be
enough.  As for the ODBC DB, for most purposes, I think the existing
single-table structure will likely be enough.  It mimicks the
GetLocal/SetLocal functionality, just as I expect BW's solution

In any event, I think at most a handful of the larger PW's would
even consider a complex DB design.  It just isn't necessary for all
but the most ambitious NWN projects.  If some additional scripting
features were available however, like the ability to alter item
descriptions, names, etc.  I can see more reason for a sophisticated
DB design.

>> All in all, getting real DB support in NWN is going to allow for
>> some amazing things.  Especially since some SQL servers can run
>> external code as stored procdedures.  Oh, the possibilities...

> When you write some cool stuff that works, please share it, as you
> will be in the minority, I assure you.

Will do.


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