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John Buehler johnbue at
Thu Feb 6 09:57:30 New Zealand Daylight Time 2003

Marc Fielding writes:
> [ John Buehler ]

>> All this is coming from a guy who used to have an insane work
>> ethic in real life.  Unfortunately, I hit level 60 and got bored
>> :)

> Just don't cancel your account.  =P

Actually, that's the nice thing about real life: there are tons of
things to do.  That one treadmill that I hopped onto at an early age
was actually just a drop in the ocean of stuff that can be done.  So
now I'm enjoying that diversity.  So it should be in a game world.

Somebody recently posted about an entire game that was predicated on
players making movies of activity in the game world and then sharing
them.  That sounds like a feature to a game that actually has stuff
to do, not a distinct game unto itself.

But the escapism comment caught my eye.  I'm one of those players
who really doesn't care if my avatar accomplishes some wondrous feat
or achieves some important position in the virtual world.  I'm not
looking to be somebody else in the virtual world.  I'm just fine
with being me, but I'd like to interact with other people to do some
fun stuff.  We can go do all of the things that people normally do
in real life without any of them being particularly stupendous.
Just so long as they are entertaining.  We can sit by a pool of
water and skip stones all day for all I care.  Just so long as
that's somehow entertaining to do, and we can talk in a natural way
at the same time.


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