[MUD-Dev] NWN gets more MUD-like (again)

Hans-Henrik Staerfeldt hhs at cbs.dtu.dk
Thu Feb 6 13:02:09 New Zealand Daylight Time 2003

On Wednesday 05 February 2003 19:31, Smith, David (Lynchburg) wrote:

> I know that I really ought not do this to ya'll, as you're good
> people, but I found out that I am seemingly wholly wrong in my
> suppositions from yesterday, so I'll try to keep
> going. Eventually, I'll probably hit on the method Avlis uses
> through sheer volume of guesses.

Hehe, you asked for it...

> Q: What would be an ideal method of linking the Neverwinter Nights
> server process to another process?

>   A1: SOCKETS!

>   A2: Shared Memory

> While sockets would provide some advantages over shared memory, it
> seems likely that they "just won't happen".

However i love to make things needlessly complicated and unable to
handle the server being patched unless you rewrite your wrapper from
scratch, why is it that sockets "just won't happen"??

Socket communication through a loopback device is not that slow...

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