[MUD-Dev] Limited character lifespans

Richard Krush rkrush at gmx.net
Thu Feb 6 13:57:15 New Zealand Daylight Time 2003

Dan Shiovitz <dans at drizzle.com> writes:

> I've been kicking around a system where low-level and mid-level
> characters have indefinite lifespans, but when a mid-level
> character chooses to start the high-level track, they get
> razzle-dazzle powers but also, say, 60 days before their character
> expires. The theory here is that the sweet spot for character play
> is the mid-levels, not the high-levels, and so most of the
> playtime should be spent there; but systems with unlimited
> lifespan for higher-level players tend to end up with a pileup at
> the top levels.

> Does something like this exist anywhere currently?

I don't know whether anything like that exists or not, but I'd just
like to ask why ysu don't want to have limited (in-game) lifespans
for everybody?  Surely 50-100 years for humans in your MUD would be
enough time. Depending on your in-game time speed, such lifetime
could translate into several months to several years of real
time. To make the death less horrifying to the players you can
implement something like reproduction, allowing the players to have
a child and then choose to reincarnate as that child when they
die. The child might have a talent for something his/her parents
were adept at and might have the attribute picked from both parents
as well as race, etc. And of course in that way the dying father
could pass on his riches, equipment, house, etc. to the child, if
your MUD allows something like that.

Just some thoughts :)

- Richard

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