[MUD-Dev] Mud Servers on RedHat Linux 7.2

Coyote Coyote at TimeofDarkness.com
Sun Feb 9 19:58:33 New Zealand Daylight Time 2003

So here's an interesting problem I've run into. I run a test server
right now that's redhat 7.2, and am trying to run a RoT 1.4 based
mud on it.  For some reason, the mud gets a 'Resource temporarily
Unavaliable' error and disconnects people when I'm sending them
large blocks of text. This is happening much earlier than the normal
cuttoff that's in the code.

Does anyone else have mud(s) running under Redhat 7.2 that have
surpassed this problem? I've looked into the limits.conf, but can't
find any of its settings that would cause this. If anyone can help,
please let me know asap.


Bob Chapin

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