[MUD-Dev] MMORPG, buildings, is it bad to be just props?

Paul Schwanz pschwanz at comcast.net
Tue Feb 11 16:34:03 New Zealand Daylight Time 2003

Chris wrote:

> Recently the community relations person "Lila" for AC2 responded
> to a player question, I found the response very interesting...

>   Q:Will it be possible to EVER get into a building?

>   A: Right now, there are no plans to add interiors to existing
>   buildings... it all depends on functionality...if there is a
>   good game play reason to create interiors for buildings, the
>   Overseers will investigate then.

This probably boils down to personal preference, so I'll just state
my own.

I actually very much dislike the use of props.  To me, they are an
unwelcome reminder that I am on a stage instead of in a world.  So
I'd apply this preference to more than just buildings.  In any case,
if I can see an area that is obviously designed for human habitation
(i.e. a windowed control tower above a spaceport, a cave entrance on
the side of an unscalable cliff, a high balcony on the side of a
house, or the house itself) I want and expect to be able to enter
that area.  If I cannot, it is dissapointing and frustrating for me.
Part of the fun of exploration is trying to figure out how to get to
such interesting places.

On the other hand, sometimes there may be technical limitations that
force the use of props.  Although I never like having props,
sometimes if it is a choice between a prop or nothing at all, the
lack of a prop might do even more damage to immersion than its
presence does.  Speaking for myself, however, this is not the case
as often as you might suppose.  I'd often prefer nothing over a


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