[MUD-Dev] Asian markets research question

Dr. Cat cat at realtime.net
Tue Feb 11 17:31:57 New Zealand Daylight Time 2003

Hi everyone!

We're going to GDC next month, and my main priority is to talk to
some Asian online game companies and see if we can do some business
over there.  Either getting Furcadia adapted to run over there, or
doing a new game with our technology that's aimed at that market.

I'm wondering if anybody has any hard numbers (or heck, even soft
numbers) on the relative sizes of the market, particularly the
MMORPG market, in Korea, Taiwan, China, and Japan.  Also are there
any other specific markets I should be looking at?  Should Hong Kong
be treated as a separate market from China even after that "merger"
they had a few years back?

If anybody has any contacts or leads at specific companies I should
be talking to, that'd be nice too.  Especially any that are coming
to GDC.

I'll be at the MERA sessions in the afternoon and/or evening on
Saturday if anybody wants to drop by and say hi, probably the
barbecue too.  Thurdsday, Friday, and Saturday during the Expo hours
I'll be there pretty much non-stop demonstrating Furcadia.

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