[MUD-Dev] MMORPG, buildings, is it bad to be just props?

Zach Collins {Siege} zcollins at seidata.com
Wed Feb 12 05:28:03 New Zealand Daylight Time 2003

On Fri, 7 Feb 2003, Chris wrote:

>   A: Right now, there are no plans to add interiors to existing
>   buildings... it all depends on functionality...if there is a
>   good game play reason to create interiors for buildings, the
>   Overseers will investigate then.

> -------------------------

> If your unfamilar with AC2, one part of the story line is that
> players will help rebuild the cities.  Currently they are
> displayed as a large mass of run down buildings.

> What I am curious, does anyone think their approach makes any
> sense?  If the buildings cannot ever be entered are they just
> chrome?  Should they have just never been used in the first place?

If the goal is to restore, rebuild, and revitalize the cities, then
enterable buildings are a good idea.  Run-down buildings are often
dangerous places, full of pests and hazards *perfect* for hundreds
of customized mini-quests and adventuring zones in whatever city is
being cleaned out at the moment.  And if you're actually in there,
knocking over buildings or renovating them as a part of the quest,
well, rebuilding a ruined city can be an entire game of its own.

Zach Collins

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