[MUD-Dev] Cultural impact on Muds (was: Star Wars Galaxies)

Amanda Walker amanda at alfar.com
Thu Feb 13 11:43:22 New Zealand Daylight Time 2003

On Wednesday, February 12, 2003, at 09:24  AM, Dave Rickey wrote:

> I'm not going to say this is rooted in the individualism of
> Americans or any stereotypical urge to collective behaviour in
> Asia, the simple difference in the real-space environments each
> plays in is enough to account for it.

Indeed.  And the most effective and cohesive MMO guilds I've run
across in US games, especially PvP/KvKs guilds, do the same thing.
In DAoC, EQ, AC/AC2, etc., a group of 5-6 people in the same room
playing on a fast connection can coordinate orders of magnitude more
easily than players of similar skill all playing from isolated PCs
at home.  You see a lot more "squad tactics" (and, correspondingly,
a lot more "hey, that wasn't fair!" from people waiting to get
resurrected :-)).

The "LAN party" trend is still mostly focussed on FPSs in the US,
but there are people doing it for MMOs, to very good effect.

Amanda Walker

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