[MUD-Dev] Justification for audit trails in guilds?

Rudy Fink rudyfink at rice.edu
Thu Feb 13 16:53:59 New Zealand Daylight Time 2003


  Allegation that officers of a high level EverQuest guild secret
  away guild common property and convert it to platinum (the game's
  currency unit) and sell it on Ebay.  The allegation is that 10 +
  million pp were sold for (assuming current market value) around
  thirty thousand dollars+ (U.S).

Full text of materials (note: language used might be considered 
offensive to some readers):

  (claim and description of impropriety)

  (response 1)

Example of player discussions (note: similar to above):



  I found this incident incredibly disturbing.  In hindsight it is
  not terribly surprising given the strong lure of easy money (30 k
  U.S. is "real" money imo) and the low risks of being caught, but I
  felt the surprise and risk made it an issue to be considered.
  Most MMORPG guilds have strong insentives to pool property for
  common benefit, but audit and accountability of that property is
  generally rather lacking. Outright theft of common property and/or
  conspiracy to steal entrusted resources on the part of the
  watchers in MMORPG's is potentially a serious issue and perhaps
  worth the concern of designing safeguards in for player
  protection.  This is a concern that may be increasingly revalent
  as it seems the convertability of virtual items into real currency
  is increasingly viable.

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