[MUD-Dev] Limited character lifespans

David H. Loeser Jr. daklozar at insightbb.com
Fri Feb 14 21:49:32 New Zealand Daylight Time 2003

From: Dan Shiovitz

> I've been kicking around a system where low-level and mid-level
> characters have indefinite lifespans, but when a mid-level
> character chooses to start the high-level track, they get
> razzle-dazzle powers but also, say, 60 days before their character
> expires. The theory here is that the sweet spot for character play
> is the mid-levels, not the high-levels, and so most of the
> playtime should be spent there; but systems with unlimited
> lifespan for higher-level players tend to end up with a pileup at
> the top levels.

I must say that I think limiting a characters life-span is cool
ideal.  Unfortunately, I'm not sure that paying customers are ready
to experience this kind of loss in an MMO* or even a MUD/MOO.

One of my ideas is to implement a system where all characters age at
a constant rate (different races could age at different rates) - My
thought is that elderly characters might/could play a major role
passing wisdom down to new players thus allowing role play.  Also,
high level characters and low/mid level characters rarely interact
and this _may_ be a way to encourage/overcome each of these issues.
> Does something like this exist anywhere currently?

Not sure, but as has been said already, I doubt anyone wants to be
the first MMO* to implement the system - for obvious reasons.

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