[MUD-Dev] Cultural impact on Muds (was: Star Wars Galaxies)

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"ds" == Damion Schubert <damion at zenofdesign.com> writes:

> I'm pretty sure that what Raph means is that, so far, American
> games, movies and other media have done extremely well in these
> markets without any extraordinary effort to change the actual
> product to suit those markets.

Let us not forget the 50+ years of medium and low-level cultural
dominance (I use the terms as in Bourdieau, there is no offense
implied in them) that the US have had for various reasons - military
and economical reasons, amongst others.  My feeling is that it's the
receiving end to be much more prone to applaude US culture products
than, say, 30 years ago or so.

> The numbers bear this out.  For example, in doing my research on
> the movie industry for Hollyworld, I discovered that one country
> in the world consumes more of its own cinema than Hollywood's
> (that country, incidentally, is Korea).

What about India and the Bollywood phenomenon?


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