Brand Loyalty (was Re: [MUD-Dev] Requirements for MM(wasComplexities of MMOG Servers))

Peter Prade pprade at
Sun Feb 16 19:17:52 New Zealand Daylight Time 2003

Caliban Tiresias Darklock wrote:

> things that are just like the old things we're replacing.  People
> make a big deal about all the emotes in a game, for example, but
> you can only type "grin" so many times before it becomes
> completely stupid.  Adding the "silly-walk" emote may amuse people
> for a few minutes, but it's not really worth the effort.

That's not true. I guess for the "sozializer-type" of player, the
addition of new emotes matters more than anything else.  If you look
at The Sims Online, this game has almost nothing else to offer than
lots of emotes and costumes to wear. (Well, there is the
house-building, too).  Although admittedly The Sims Online isn't as
big a success as it could be if it would address the other types of
player more.

Just my 2p,
Peter Prade

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