[MUD-Dev] Secondary characters as a mechanic

Valerio Santinelli tanis at mediacom.it
Sun Feb 16 22:37:38 New Zealand Daylight Time 2003

Daniel.Harman at barclayscapital.com wrote:
> From: Brian Hook [mailto:brianhook at pyrogon.com]

>>> That's one good reason it may not work, the other is interface
>>> difficulties.

>> I think interface difficulties is actually the most serious of
>> the problems.  While you can play a game such as Baldur's Gate in
>> real time, at some point it ends up feeling like kids chasing a
>> soccer ball.

>> If you slowed down the pace and/ore removed unit complexity I
>> don't think it's that bad -- you can use RTS games as pretty good
>> evidence that you can manage complexity, but the trade off is
>> that you can't have as much per-unit complexity/depth. Which is
>> probably a good thing, in my book.

> The other implementation I've seen with more of an RPG slant, and
> less complex characters is Dungeon Siege. I think a lot of people
> were impressed by the game initially, and then discovered that
> there genuinely was no depth to it, and it was a tank rush
> simulation, or chasing a soccer ball...

Dungeon Siege had a damn cool engine used for a poor game in the
sense of gaming depth. I wish there was a big company focusing on
real RPGs taking the DS engine and building a real RPG on top of it.


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