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From: "John Buehler" <johnbue at>

> Somebody recently posted about an entire game that was predicated
> on players making movies of activity in the game world and then
> sharing them.  That sounds like a feature to a game that actually
> has stuff to

> do, not a distinct game unto itself.

In fact, there are 2 current projects that embody this idea quite

One is the forthcoming game from LionHead/Peter Molyneux entitled,
simply, "The Movies" (due out 2004). In this game you are a director
producing movies, which in fact you "render" and share with friends.
Here's a take from Entertainment Weekly: "Starting in the 1920s and
leading up to the present day, players try to run a successful movie
studio by bidding on scripts, constructing sets, and hiring
talent. Once the cameras start rolling, adjustable content controls
let you dictate the amount of violence, action, and romance in each
film."  More (from E3 2002):

Second, and perhaps more interesting, is a nascient grassroots
movement called "Machinima", which actually uses 3d game engines
(usually with custom user created "maps" and overdubbed sound/voice)
to create short and feature length films. Perhaps one of the best
publicized attempts at this to date is "Sidrial", a project
underwritten by none other than iD.  More:

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