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On Thu, 20 Feb 2003 11:39:06 +0100
Thomas Tomiczek <t.tomiczek at thona-consulting.com> wrote:
> From: J C Lawrence [mailto:claw at kanga.nu]

>> For x86 the sweet spot is 2-way SMP.  4-way is far more than twice
>> again as expensive (and has a very small vendor list).  2-way is
>> commodity off-the-shelf hardware.

> The LIMIT is 32 processors, btw.

Not quite.  That's the limit for (partially) Intel blessed

> At one point - well - you will start hitting this wall, and - what
> then?

SGI's ALTRIX boxen run to 64 processors in a single OS-image node.
They've not yet gone as far as they did under IRIX on Origin with up to
small order thousands of CPUs in a single OS-image cluster.  I suspect
that will happen however.

> Single computer solutions are pretty limited in scalability.

True, but the definition of "single computer solution" is vague in a
space which contains single OS-image clusters, or even things like SGI's
brick systems (which treat CPUs, RAM, etc as runtime removable

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