[MUD-Dev] Justification for audit trails in guilds?

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ericleaf  <eric> wrote:

> That last bit is a pretty large statement. And I see no reasonable
> methods to insure that. If you have positions of power, then that
> power can be abused, there is no solution to that as long as flawed
> humans are the holders of power. I could maybe imagine a superior
> being with infinite memory and time that could maintain an flawless
> audit system, but where you gonna get one of those?

Early lesson of the pulp newspapers: Corruption is interesting (not as
good as sex or the collision of celebrities and sex, but its not far
off).  Happily MUDs are in the business of being interesting.

Martin Keegan way back had some good comments in this regard as it
related to the justice system on the (now sadly deceased) Island: it was
deliberately unfair, explicitly corrupt, inherently exploitable, etc --
all of which were necessary for and intrinsic to its success.  Abuse of
the justice system was a core mechanic in playing Island -- and a core
source of flames, braggadocio, and moral pulpitting.    It was great.

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