[MUD-Dev] Perl - SOAP/XML - Slow?

Tom Sullivan one4k4 at yahoo.com
Fri Feb 21 05:00:34 New Zealand Daylight Time 2003

<EdNote: Attribution fixed>

J C Lawrence wrote:

> Nope, tho you have me interested.  I've been looking

Good, that means either I'm not crazy, or we both are.

> regularly blocks/disconnects non-AOL servers from messaging AOL
> AIM users)).

Indeed.  And although I have the daemon running in a simple
while(1)... loop, and sending only one (atm, probably 5) message per
loop, I'm destined to run into that "Woah, slow down there buddy"
pain from the AIM servers.

> TCP RTT is a killer.


> that the Jabber protocol allows for is persistent bi-directional
> connections.  AIR the OSS source base doesn't support it, but its
> allowed in the spec and its one of the primary performance gains
> from buying/using jabber.com's commercial implementation.

That's something to look into.  Thanks for mentioning that.

I've got it written now so it's using simple OOP calls, and will
implement the SOAP/XML/RPC feature when I've got more of the engine
written.  I'll keep you posted on the speed issue, and if I do in
fact use Jabber.  (Prerequisite: It's gotta work through our
firewall, I can't "work" all day?! ;))

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