[MUD-Dev] Perl - SOAP/XML - Slow?

Mark Cheverton ennui at morat.net
Fri Feb 21 16:58:39 New Zealand Daylight Time 2003

On Fri, 2003-02-21 at 01:59, J C Lawrence wrote:

> IIRC (its been more than a year) one of the things that the Jabber
> protocol allows for is persistent bi-directional connections.  AIR
> the OSS source base doesn't support it, but its allowed in the
> spec and its one of the primary performance gains from
> buying/using jabber.com's commercial implementation.

If you want to play with Perl and Jabber I suggest looking at POE
(http://poe.perl.org/) 'POE is a framework for creating multitasking
programs in Perl.' - along the same lines as twisted for python.

<EdNote: As different from Ryan Daum's C++ based "POE" MUD server>

I started work on this a while back before I found twisted/Beyond
(http://www.asbahr.com/beyond.html) and I'd be happy for someone to
finish what I started with the POE::Component::Jabber (just the core
stuff is in place, I never got the chance to finish it - RL struck).
Grab it from:



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