[MUD-Dev] In this corner.representing SCS.The Tyrant!

F. Randall Farmer randy.farmer at pobox.com
Sat Feb 22 10:58:00 New Zealand Daylight Time 2003

Ladies and Gentlemen! Your attention please!

In this corner...representing SCS...The Tyrant!

Gordon Walton (AKA UO Tyrant) seeks a worthy challenger
to engage in memetic combat at MudDevCon!

The Mud Developers Convention presents a special event:
A live debate on the issue of Single-Character-Per-Server
vs. Multiple-Characters-Per-Server (SCS vs. MCS).

Gordon Walton will represent, with all the vigor and
aplomb he is renown for, the SCS position.

Now all we need is a worthy and courageous challenger
(or several challengers, as Tyrant has stated to the
event organizers, and we quote: “Bring’m on! The more
the merrier!”) The challenger must aggressively present
and defend the MCS position.

This event is currently scheduled to take place a 1pm
on the day of the conference.

Final debate format details will be negotiated with
the participants.

If you are interested, send email to randy.farmer at pobox.com
and claw at kanga.nu

Thank you,
The MudDevCon Fight Committee

Ignorance is no excuse: If you haven’t seen The UO Tyrant
in action, be prepared to be bruised and battered. :-)

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