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Weston Fryatt wfryatt at muuf.com
Sat Feb 22 12:09:07 New Zealand Daylight Time 2003

From: "Jeremy Noetzelman" <jjn at kriln.com>

> Something that you can do to reduce the amount of work that you
> have to do is to use middleware where it exists.  This is a common
> practice in the industry to reduce costs, risk and development
> timelines.

> Looking at your website, I see that you're writing a new 3D engine
> and terrain rendering system.  Have you looked at the various 3D
> renderers out there that could save you the time, frustration and
> risk of writing your own?  An engine like The Nebula Device
> (http://nebuladevice.sf.net/) provides a lot of the common
> infrastructure needed for a game, along with some high quality
> terrain renderers (one based on geomipmapping, one based on
> Thatcher Ulrich's ChunkLOD).

This was our first attempt at a terrain engine.. although it isn't
very good yet.. and has a ways to go.. its a starting point..

We did try out Crystal Space for a while.. And it was ok.. But call
it ego or pride.. But we would much prefer to write our own engine.
Even if it extended our timeline.. For now.. This is a project for
fun and learning...  with the idea and goal of taking it to the
commercial market once we get to that point.. The few team members
that we have are serious about the project and the goals that we
have set.  Yes, It can be hard and frustrating at times when either
you don't understand something or can't figure it out..  But in the
long run.. Its the learning experience that I think is well worth
the time and effort.

I did look at Nebula Device, It does look pretty good.. Thanks for
the link..

Weston Fryatt
Project MUUF

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