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Thomas Tomiczek t.tomiczek at thona-consulting.com
Sat Feb 22 19:46:06 New Zealand Daylight Time 2003

From: Derek Licciardi [mailto:kressilac at insightbb.com]

> ps At this point, I think you could get away with something less
> that NUMA, though I wouldn't put it past some future games
> requiring this level of hardware and software complexity to
> achieve its result.  Think recreating the Helms Deep battle scene
> where each individual soldier is a player and that battle is only
> one of a few thousand things going on on the game server....

VERY bad sample :-) You would really not want to play a soldier in
the last line of the troops just to never get anything to do besides
being maybe killed from some of the major things that happened there
(like one of the boulders in the explosion).


But the point is well taken :-)

Still, IMHO - it is more wise to program for a "horizontal scaling"
- you will propably end up with smaller boxed (4 processors, maybe 8
with the hammer, which supports NUMA) fir price reasons.

4x4 processors are WAY cheater than 1x16 - so, unless you really
need this performance in one scene, you zone.

Oh, and to go back to Helm's Deep: If you would really model a
battle like this, there are more pressing issues to be handled -
like transmitting all the movement data efficiently. Sounds like you
would NEED a proxy based architecture here, because the proxies
could filter out a TON of data without using capacity on the world


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