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Tom Sullivan one4k4 at yahoo.com
Wed Feb 26 05:11:30 New Zealand Daylight Time 2003

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--- Peter Harkins <ph at malaprop.org> wrote:

> I'm the admin of a small mud in alpha (described in more detail in
> a mud-dev post on 2002-12-11) and I'm interested in how other
> non-commercial muds out there manage their wizards and such. I'll
> describe our situation and then how we're handling workflow, and
> I'd hope to hear what other folks are doing.

Seems like a pretty straightfoward setup.  The only thing you can't
really change is when people are available.  Either they are, or
they aren't.  Unless you happen to live with them, and can smack
them into coding, it's kinda hard to see where people are.

My MUD, albeit small, takes a lot of my mental creativity throught
the day.  I code for a living though, the same stuff my MUD is
written in.  Which usually leads to me coming home and being
incredibly tired.  I can post future TODOs up on sourceforge, but
getting them done is another story.

I'm the only person working on it..

Your scheme/way of doing things seems like it's the best you can do,
short of "aquiring" a 1-800 conference number and holding weekly
meetings there, live.  Hearing somebodies voice sometimes changes
priority a bit.


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