[MUD-Dev] Virtual worlds meet LARPs

Richard A. Bartle richard at mud.co.uk
Wed Feb 26 12:40:28 New Zealand Daylight Time 2003

I heard of the following project today, and thought it might be of
interest to some of you:


    "Can You See Me Now? is a chase game. You are dropped at a
    random location in a virtual Rotterdam. You use your arrow keys
    to move around the city. You can chat with other players by
    typing messages.  On the real streets of Rotterdam up to three
    runners - equipped with handheld computers and Global
    Positioning Systems - are trying to "see" you. To do so they
    have to get within 5 metres of your location.  Once they see
    you, you are out of the game."

I haven't tried it out myself, but if the thought of making Dutch
people run around in real life appeals, go ahead.


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