[MUD-Dev] Secondary characters as a mechanic

Adam Burr burra at alum.rpi.edu
Wed Feb 26 14:18:24 New Zealand Daylight Time 2003

Valerio Santinelli wrote:
> Adam Burr wrote:

>> I don't know about a big company, but the Dungeon Seige engine is
>> getting used by a lot of small projects that I know of. Some of
>> the Ultima remakes, for instance. Hopefully some of those will be
>> good, real RPGs.

> I searched on Google as always and I've found the Ultima VI
> project at http://www.planetdungeonsiege.com/archon/ Too bad they
> have not yet released anything. Are you aware of any other
> project, even amatorial ones, using that engine?

I did a search myself. Several of the ones I had known of have
either died or switched engines, but there is still one other that I
know is in active development: Ultima V Lazarus-
http://www.u5lazarus.com/ .

A good resource for Ultima remakes is
http://reconstruction.voyd.net/ . There are also four using the NWN
engine and one using Morrowind.

Adam Burr
Madman Across the Water - POL Dev

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