[MUD-Dev] Infrastructure

kat-Zygfryd 6667 at wp.pl
Thu Feb 27 04:03:30 New Zealand Daylight Time 2003

Well, I guess you can be quite irritated with this message, since
this isn't a howto-site, but I hope to find at least a few mud
designers who could share their knowledge.

I recently joined a small mud project. It was based on ROM, so I had
a chat with the main developer, and it was based on ROM no more. We
decide to write our own infrastructure.

A bunch of concepts, some used on purpose, some from lack of skill
to do anything else, not even partially implemented yet:

  - select() socket handling in main loop

  - scheduled event queue in main loop

  - organization of *locations* into *sectors* (~ 50-200 L/S)

  - *sector*-based on-line development

  - virtual machine with very specific instructions (the more
  instruction variants the less computations at runtime) VM is a
  hybrid stack machine with the assembler opcode of the form ( OP
  s,z -> t ) where s and z can be either an address, value, or POP,
  and t can be an address or PUSH

  - per *sector* VM running in separate thread

  - hardcode-softcode interface only by special script class with
  basic method execute(A_VM) - I can't think of implementing any
  other way to link softcode into hardcode, any ideas?

I'd very pleased to read aby feedback I can get from you :P I really
could use some advice. Perhaps even direct implementation examples

I beg you for one thing: don't utter the word java, this mud is
currently being written in c++, but it's quite possible that some
parts will be written in Pascal.  I also considered writting it in
Ada or Oberon, but I guess I don't have time to learn any new
language, if I wish to finish the mud-code in any reasonable amount
of time (eg. half a year)

:: kat-Zygfryd

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