[MUD-Dev] MMORPG/MMOG P2P design

Ben Hoyt Ben.Hoyt at SilverPlatterSoftware.com
Mon Mar 3 17:34:50 New Zealand Daylight Time 2003

From: Felix A. Croes
> While I don't know the specifics of your game, the system as
> described above would be easy to break, because it depends on a
> distinction between players which may not exist in reality.  If I
> can create, through various distinct player identities, a
> situation where both the action performed and the double-checking
> are done by me, I can do whatever I like.

We call this the "Clan attack."  Because our system presumes that
you would have to get 5 player accounts responsible for the same
area of the game at the same time you would need to be in control of
an extremely large number of clients.  Statistically, it is very
unlikely and would give you only a very brief window of opportunity,
because responsibility is reshuffled on a regular basis.

>> This basic paradigm allows you to answer your questions 1 and 2.
>> I'm not really sure what you're getting at with #3.  Please
>> elaborate.
> #3 may not apply to your game.  Crosbie Fitch described a system
> in which a cheating player would be evicted.  Thus, if I can make
> it seem that you are cheating -- for example, by falsifying my
> double-check -- I could get you evicted from the game.
Yes, this doesn't really apply to us, because in our system the only
one who would seem like they are cheating is you. ;-)

> Would you be willing to describe your trust model in detail?  I am
> very interested.

Yes.  We'd love to discuss in greater detail.  We will be at GDC in
booth #1336 and will be at the MUD-Dev dinner and conference.  Look
for Ben Hoyt, Jason Fredrickson, Gavin Doughtie, or Peter Oliphant.
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