[MUD-Dev] MMORPG, buildings, is it bad to be just props?

Koster Koster
Fri Mar 7 14:00:32 New Zealand Daylight Time 2003

From: Paul Schwanz

> Sorta.  On the other hand, the real world is not full of buildings
> I *cannot* enter.

You must live in one of those quaint towns where nobody needs to
lock their doors. Around here, the world most certainly IS full of
buildings I cannot enter. At least, not by merely opening the door
and walking in.

As a counterpoint to this whole debate, I'll add that this is all a
matter of tradeoffs. For example, in UO we allowed everyone into
every building.  And there was a contingent who found THAT to be
very immersion-shattering, because they were wandering unmolested
through people's houses.


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