[MUD-Dev] Better Game Design through Data Mining, MDC talk

David Kennerly kennerly at sfsu.edu
Tue Mar 11 16:27:36 New Zealand Daylight Time 2003

Thank you for your support and thoughtful comments at the
conference.  It was an honor to speak to each of you.

Here are the slides of the talk I gave at MUD-Dev Conference on
Saturday.  I kept them brief.  If you would like the details that a
figure, phrase, or symbol represents, please ask me about it.


    Better Game Design through Data Mining
    David Kennerly
    kennerly at sfsu.edu


  Players spend millions of man-hours selecting optimum strategies
  in a massive multiplayer online game (MMOG).  They are getting the
  best return on investment (ROI) on your MMOG.  Are you?  In this
  talk, learn how to:

    1. Balance the economy.
    2. Catch cheaters.
    3. Cut production costs.
    4. Increase customer renewal.

  Learn when, what, how, and why to optimize player performance from
  a MMOG designer who analyzed millions of player-hours during
  several years.

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