[MUD-Dev] MUD-Dev conference and dinner report

J C Lawrence claw at kanga.nu
Tue Mar 11 23:45:26 New Zealand Daylight Time 2003

On Tue, 11 Mar 2003 19:30:33 -0800
J C Lawrence <J> wrote:

> Conference:
>   All sessions and the Q&A were recorded.  A CD is currently being
>   produced which will contain MP3s of all the sessions along with all
>   supporting handouts, slides, and other materials.  If you didn't
>   order a CD at the conference and are interested in receiving one,
>   please email cd-order at kanga.nu.  We'll be announcing prices for the
>   CD shortly.

I've placed a series of photo albums covering the dinner, conference and
other affairs on the box that is working at growing into the next


I've not captioned any of them yet.  If you'd like to help caption the
various pictures, or otherwise comment, you'll need to login to Bunyip
and drill down on each picture until you see the, "Add a comment"
button, or, email me.

  ObNote: Please don't beat up on Bunyip too hard.  Its a test and dev
  box, not a production box.  Its not ready for prime time (and is thus
  on my home DSL), but posting photo albums there is SO much easier than
  on the current Kanga.Nu...  That said, commentary and constructive
  criticisms are welcome.

  Warning: Please don't (yet) rely on Bunyip having the sorts of uptime
  you've been enjoying with Kanga.nu.  I work on Bunyip fairly regularly
  and invasively getting things setup for it to replace the current
  Kanga.Nu (bush.kanga.nu), so things do break now and then.  If you do
  run into troubles or an error message, please just try back in 30
  minutes or so, and if it then still fails, please email me.  I'll
  probably know already, but its nice when I've missed a corner.

Oh yeah, and for the three or so other people who were taking

  If you create an account on Bunyip you can then create a "PhotoAlbum"
  in your home folder (got to ContentsView).  The most trivial way of
  posting your images at that point is via FTP.  Just FTP to:


  and authenticate with your Bunyip ID and password.

    Note: that's port 8021 and authentication failures are **SILENT**
    (they authenticate you as an anonymous guest who can do diddly

  You can then just upload all your images via FTP (JPEG, PNG, GIF, etc
  accepted) to have them automagically appear on the web side.  Then use
  the properties tabs (under the web) to add annotations, captions, and
  the like.


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