[MUD-Dev] More on Small Worlds

Boyle Boyle
Tue Mar 18 11:17:51 New Zealand Daylight Time 2003

From: Jeff Cole [mailto:jeff.cole at mindspring.com] 

This is a constant theme in my Economics, Behavior and Law seminar.

> The benefit to the individual of "going with the flow" seem
> ridiculously obvious to me.  Indeed, I reject the concepts that
> such cooperation is per se costly and only benefits others.

Why do you 'reject' such concepts?  If you took the law away, then
it would be quite easy for non-cooperating individuals to use
cooperating individuals (remember, there are no 'punishers' and the
cooperators can't suddenly turn into punishers when they get

Look at most MMOG's.  Cheaters *do* prosper, until they get banned.
Even after the cheat is removed, a non-banned cheater is better off
than someone who didn't cheat, because anonymity removes the
negative reputation and because the world persists their gains.

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