[MUD-Dev] Fighting Lag

Paul Schwanz pschwanz at comcast.net
Thu Mar 20 14:53:34 New Zealand Daylight Time 2003

Nicolai Hansen wrote:
> Travis Nixon wrote:

>> It guarantees in-order delivery.  If you want guaranteed
>> delivery, but don't care if it comes in the same order that it
>> got sent, then TCP isn't such a great choice after all.

> UDP doesn't guarantee delivery at all and to my knowledge there is
> no transmission protocol that guarantees delivery without
> guaranteeing in-order delivery, too.

If you are looking for guaranteed delivery but do not want the
overhead or delays associated with in-order delivery as implemented
in TCP, you might build a delivery system on top of UDP that is more
suited to your needs, with whatever guarantees you desire.  Although
UDP doesn't guarantee delivery, what you build on top of it can.

This will call for a bit of extra work and you'll need to decide for
every project whether or not the benefits are worth the effort.  But
it isn't really reinventing the wheel so much as deciding that
Goodyear radials might not be the best solution for your ten-speed

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