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Thu Mar 27 14:53:00 New Zealand Daylight Time 2003

Anyone read this new book and care to let me know if its worth buying?


Not available in the UK yet, so debating if its worth getting shipped.

Editorial Reviews
Book Description

Massively Multiplayer (MMP) game development is one of the fastest
growing areas in the game market. With the first MMP releases, the
genre took off with amazing speed, and as its popularity continues
to soar, so do the many challengesinternationalization, customer
support, hacking, and technological advancements. To keep up with
these challenges, developers need to implement the best tools and
techniques available. Massively Multiplayer Game Development
provides these solutions.

This comprehensive, insightful collection of articles is written by
some of the industry's best MMP developers, and provides a wealth of
unique knowledge acquired while working in the MMP trenches. Details
on database techniques and game systems are also included. Unlike
many programming books, Massively Multiplayer Game Development is
intended to appeal to the entire team: programmers will find a
multitude of technical ideas, and designers and producers will
benefit from the detailed information on design, architecture, and
customer support.


  - MMP Design Techniques: provides a "big picture" design process
  and includes valuable insights learned by the Toontown Online
  team, as well as practical online customer support issues learned
  by the Ultima Online team.

  - MMP Architectures: features extensive coverage on applying
  object-oriented and Extreme Programming practices for building
  robust MMP frameworks and architectures.

  - Server-Side Development: details the server side of online
  development, including seamless server pros and cons, development
  and maintenance issues, and wireless device porting tips.

  - Client-Side Development: covers movement prediction, character
  customization, and the challenges of console MMP games.

  - Database Techniques: explores this black art that very few
  developers have mastered. Covers the fundamentals of design and
  explains how and how not to use databases for online games.

  - Game Systems: addresses how to design the core game system that
  powers MMP games.

  - CD-ROM (Windows) includes demos and source code from the book in
  C++, Python, and Shockwave


  Thor Alexander 
  Jason Asbarh 
  Jason Beardsley 
  Mark Brockington 
  William Dalton 
  David Fox 
  Tom Gambill 
  Mike Goslin 
  Ben Hanson 
  Todd Hayes 
  Dale Homburg (cover) 
  Christian Lange 
  Jay Lee 
  Glyph Lefkowitz 
  Paul McInnes 
  John M. Olsen 
  Sean O'Neil 
  Javier F. Otaegui 
  Jay Patterson 
  Patricia Pizer 
  Sean Riley 
  Artie Rogers 
  Paul Sage 
  Derek Sanderson 
  Jesse Schell 
  Joe Shochet 
  Matthew Walker 

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