[MUD-Dev] BIZ: MMP subscriber numbers

Chris Holko cholko at mindspring.com
Wed Apr 2 06:05:10 New Zealand Daylight Time 2003

From: "Diamonds" <diamonds at unknownplayer.com>

> Yeah i saw those 2 new things. posted them and all.  Now that
> Shadowbane is golden, I wonder what there numbers will look like?
> I'd imagine that the numbers will be something like what other
> game stratigies have been with "stealing" customers from other
> MMOG's. So

I do not think Shadowbane is having a truly noticable effect.  One
thing to consider is that many of us who play these games will
pickup a new game but not lapse much in our old game.  Its a nice
break at times to try the flavor of the month.

I haven't picked up SB, but from reading it appears they are headed
down the path of trouble, examples are rampant newbie ganking by
higher ups (level 50s in less than 2 weeks), large guilds formed by
moderators by the game's own message boards (perceived conflict of
interest), and lopsided guild sizes (to be expected, but that could
even out later).  Its 3 months down the road that will be
interesting to watch.

I really don't see anything short of SWG that can impact the big 3.
The widespread appeal just doesn't exist.

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